I was playing dominoes with my family last night. I was quietly calculating probabilities in my head of different positions, testing if any of my planned moves should change. I was semi-successful at it (I won the game) but I didn’t get all the calculations finished in a reasonable time. My mind eventually wandered to people who could do those kinds of calculations in their head.

Richard Feynman was someone who could. A few greats have been immensely capabable with that kind of thing. The ones we hear about have usually made great contributions to our progress. For the rest of us, what is in store?

This comic tells some of the story for me. The world is imposing its agenda, and BAM, there’s something under the surface that screams we have something more in us.

That was a HUGE part of leaving BigCo a few months back. I knew that the good in me would be wasted amidst so much waste. There was no motivation there to bring the best out of anything, only to ensure that everything was the same.

We all know we have incredible power inside of us. Maybe our early education experiences intimidated part of that out of us. Maybe we have strong beliefs about where that power is or what limits that power has, but look what we accomplish. Together, we move forward in so many unbelievable ways, with technology, with the progress in so many areas. Where we focus, we improve.