I asked for advice for new developers this afternoon. Someone said they write a blog article when they solve a problem. This reminds them of things they’ve learned. It also clarifies the things they figured out.

It works for me. When I solve a problem, I write about it. When I’m not blogging, I’m writing in Evernote, or notebooks, or wherever. This slows down my thinking enough to examine it. The written lessons become powerful prescriptions to ward off future problems.

It’s also important to know that a problem is solved. I stop worrying about it if it’s handled.

I’d give this advice to any friend:

  • Write how you saw the problem.
  • Write what you did about it.
  • Write about the results you are experiencing.

I make no claims that this is the only solution, or the best solution, or even a complete solution. It’s just a solution I applied once that I chose to share.

I may find my written solutions later. Someone else may find them. We might be able to use the solutions. We might disagree with my conclusions and create better solutions. This is still progress. I am learning. It’s important. It’s good advice for anyone solving problems.